Clean Eating is Just Code for Diet & Me No Likey

For the last few years I’ve been seeing the phrase “clean eating” become the latest craze in Dietlandia . And what in the holy hell is that? I mean, really, isn’t clean eating just a regular ‘ole diet dressed up in a jazzy new outfit? It’s like calling water “that wet stuff.”

The clean eating craze has given voice to lots of instagramers who take photos of their clean food, which include mostly fruits, veggies, and protein. There is little to no fat in sight. Except for avocados. They love avocados.

body positive affirmations (3)

Unfortunately, I think clean eating is a dangerous business, especially for those with eating disorders. It suggests that food and eating are a moral issue — that there is good food and bad food. If you eat the former, you are good. And if logic follows, if you eat the latter, you are bad. What an awful assault on our individual choices and worth!

I fucking HATE diet culture. It is responsible for so much self-hate and it breeds competition in the worst possible sense. I am officially calling it out as a not-so-undercover attempt to rebrand weight loss propaganda. And this bish ain’t havin’ it.



3 thoughts on “Clean Eating is Just Code for Diet & Me No Likey

  1. Oh yesssssssss, clean eating is VERY much diet culture!! I love the term “weight loss propaganda!” Can we ship these clean eaters off on a vacation to a country where people actually do have to worry about food and water contamination?!? It’s just another way for people to put themselves apart into some imagined moral category. Thank you for this!


  2. I lost 70lbs through “clean eating” three years ago. Then I had a baby, lost my mom, then my grandmother, then my grandfather. I gained all of it back and then some.

    I tried to restart my clean eating regime multiple times during this whole process but my grief paired with being a single mom always derailed me shortly within starting. Needless to say along with came a surgance of failure, self-loathing, and even more self-medicating with food.

    Your words are singing to my soul.

    Clean eating is just another diet trap to have fuel my eating disorder; it took things to a whole new level. I thought I was doing right, being a good fatty, and eating “the right” foods. Plus all the compliments I was getting! I was high on life. Yet with it comes the dangerous obsessiveness of what I consume. It’s controlling and strict and I thrived on it.

    It’s not balance. It’s not repairing a lifelong embattled relationship with food.


  3. I was a bit upset I recently joined what I thought was a fitness group for overweight people at a local fitness studio. However, I am horrified with the amount of diet talk mainly around clean eating. Obviously I want to eat healthily but I don’t want to get into the mindset of good food vs bad food. As I have paid I will go to the classes but try to avoid the weight loss/diet talk, but it is so insidious.


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