Pia Schiavo-Campo is a fat feminist, yogi, writer, and author of the blog Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick. Her agenda includes extinguishing conventional notions of beauty and empowering women to take up as much space as they please. Through yoga, she has learned to find strength, power, and beauty in her body. She is also a proud partner of the Yoga and Body Coalition, whose mission is to work with all of the ways yoga and body image intersect to create access and dignity for all.

Pia has written many articles on the subject of body  image and self-acceptance, which have earned her a place as a valuable voice in the movement. Her passion for changing the representation of women of size and women of color in the media is a challenge she embraces daily. Pia believes that when women work together, they can heal and lead the world. She is inspired by the strong women in her life, especially her  mother, Hazel, who was her first feminist role model. Pia is Black and Sicilian, speaks Italian fluently, and lives in Los Angeles her awesome husband, Will.

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